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The Walking Zombies: Dead City

The Walking Zombies: Dead City APK Download

In The walking zombie: Dead city you can’t move your character because it’ll be fixed in one place of the setting. The only thing you have to do is aim by sliding your finger through the screen, and shoot at anything that moves. Sounds easy but it won’t be so.

the walking zombie
In between levels, you can get new guns or improve the ones you have. You’ll start off with a pretty terrible revolver, but with the coins you earn you can improve your revolver’s quality, as well as buy new guns.
The walking zombie: Dead city is a really entertaining action game that includes a simple but addicting gameplay. The visuals of the game, clearly inspired by Minecraft, are great and some of the zombies are especially unique.

* Epic 3 D pixel cartoon graphics
* Zombies reacting to being hit and falling apart with multiple hits – effects on various dead are different
* Intuitive controls making zombie killing much more fun
* 20+ different zombie types – shooting zombie, dog zombie, prisoner zombie etc
* Huge boss monsters

* Arena bonus mode – kill as many zombies as you can using an only melee weapon
* 10+ different weapons, from revolver and assault rifle to overkill weapons like a rocket launcher, you don’t need to fear the walking dead anymore
* Many maps with different visual themes and enemy routes
* Hit zones – many enemies will fall down after precise kill shot to the head
* Shooting games are about skill – survive with enough health and have high % of headshots and get bonus rewards!
* Rail shooter

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